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“Together we are changing lives one drop, one person, one community at a time.”
-Emily Wright, dōTERRA Owner & Founder 


I was first drawn to essential oils and dōTERRA in particular as my youngest daughter has chronic Lyme.

I was looking for high quality, all natural support for her body as it healed.

When I first smelled Balance, I had my first true oil experience and was hooked. I had no idea essential oils had an energetic and emotional component until that moment. At that time, I was anxious as we had been struggling with Lyme for such a long time and nervous about this next step of our path.

Was this the right thing for my daughter’s health? One big inhale of Balance and I immediately felt my energy ground in to my body, my breathing deepen, heart rate slow down and an immediate sense of calm came over me. I was HOOKED!! And knew in that instant we had found our answer!

As I dove more in to the oils and the business, I just fell more and more in love with dōTERRA’s mission, transparency, culture, commitment to quality and purity. dōTERRA is a highly ethical company truly on a mission to change the world, end poverty, empower all people on the globe and lift the vibration of this planet we call home.


Our family experiences the physical support and changes the essential oils, supplements and products offer us each and every day.

They have truly been a game changer for our physical health and emotional wellness.