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“Whatever you are feeling, you are healing.”
- Matt Kahn


I have a unique gift of seeing the light and true nature of every person.

Using tools like breathwork, meditation, essential oils, and more allows us to work toward you living a more authentic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even financial life.

My highly tuned intuition and empathic abilities make me truly stand out. Also, I emanate a calming energy. I impart wisdom, both that I have learned myself and that which I channel from my Spirit Team. I can see who people really are and I strive to guide them to knowing and loving themselves. This is truly my passion in life, it is my purpose, why I feel I am here.

I have a twice daily meditation and prayer practice that I use to not only tune in to myself but also to receive messages. Also something that makes me unique is the amount of personal growth work I have done and continue to do. It is probably my #1 priority in my life is continuing to grow, hone my gifts and my relationship with God. I have truly walked the walk from a deep long clinical depression of 8 years to where I am now. I am not afraid of the dark and dirty, the big hairy emotions. I can hold space for people when they are in that place. This was the first skill I was taught by my teacher, how to hold an energetic safe space for people.

I offer one on one coaching sessions, coaching packages, meditation sessions, meditation classes and lastly recorded guided meditations.

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