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“The wound is the place the light enters you” -Rumi 


My journey has been long and quite dark at times. I have lost both my parents to cancer.

My dad passed when I was only 22 and my mom when I was 37.

I dealt with clinical depression for 8 years, triggered by my dad’s cancer diagnosis. I am divorced.

Walking this walk through dark times means I am not afraid of those scary, hairy, dark emotions. I can sit right there along the wall with you just in presence holding space.

When I was finally ready to come out of my depression I found my teacher Prita Manganiello. She was originally my therapist and after only 1 session with her I found the courage to attend one of her Emotional Re-Education Weekend Workshops.

I jumped off the cliff at the very first one and found the courage to go in the middle to do my work.

My mother was still alive at the time but an active alcoholic. I started a long and amazing healing journey with Prita and also my community of folks who regularly attend these workshops. My mom got sober and sadly passed away from cancer only 7 short years after she started her recovery.


I have continued to dive deep in to personal and spiritual growth work.

From continuing with therapy for years, transitioning to working with a life coach, now a business coach and spiritual coach. I also do frequent sessions with other holistic spiritual and energy practitioners. I have participated in countless retreats and workshops as this is a priority in my life to be the best person I can, operating at my highest and greatest good.

I graduated in 2011 from the Institute for Collaborative Counseling and Coaching. This is a 2.5 year intensive program with extensive academic and hands on training and am now a certified Life Coach.

While all of this was going on, I was also continuing my path of developing a meditation practice. I was originally exposed to meditation when my father first was diagnosed in 1991. He was a physician and was drawn to the teachings of Bernie Siegel, MD. I would sit with my dad (and often my mom) and we would listen to Bernie’s guided meditations together. I was only 19 at the time, but I would continue to lean on guided meditation for support throughout my depression. Once I met Prita, my meditation education truly began, deepened and grew. Prita is of the Trungpa Rinpoche lineage (as is Pema Chodron) and also spent many years learning directly from Osho. So most of my meditation knowledge comes from Osho and the Tibetan lineages with a strong emphasis on the Elements.

I also now teach meditation every year at the Darien Library and the Salt Cave of Darien. Received training from Belleruth Naparstek on leading Guided Meditation and have taught classes and recorded webinars on Mindfulness, Meditation and Essential Oils.